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30 Random Facts about Roo

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 7:21 PM
...because I promised MonsieurSaboteur I would do this.

I probably won't be able to post a new Ask Blog until Tuesday because I will be attending a con on Sunday and it's gonna be a busy weekend for me. ^^;

So, yeah... Here are some random facts about Roo's character development to tide you over. :la:

1- Roo originally was a Borderlands OC of unknown origins. I decided she had to be Australian when I started rewriting her background story to make her fit in better with the TF2 universe.

2- Before I started converting Roo into a TF2 character, she was a normal Borderlands Siren like Lilith, Maya, Commandant Steele and Angel, but unlike these women Roo had a skillset that specialised in precision and sniping.

3- Roo's original name was Laura (as a play on Sniper's name, who, until recently, was named Lawrence by a large part of the TF2 fan community). I chose to retain it as her first name, but she hardly ever uses it because she prefers to be called Roo, which is a nickname Sniper has given her.

 Roo's name was inspired by one of Soldier's Domination quotes ("I will send my condolences to your kangaroo wife" -> When dominating a Sniper as Soldier).

Originally, I intended Roo's Phasing powers to be similar to Maya's, but in the end I decided to base them off of Lilith's instead because an interdimensional travel ability like Lilith's Phasewalk would be more suitable for explaining how Roo ended up in the TF2 universe.

6- Roo needs to be near a source of Australium to be able to use her powers (unlike the Borderlands Sirens who all use Eridium as a catalyst for their powers).

7- Roo is drawn to Australium; She can't resist touching the stuff because it causes her to feel some sort of high, not unlike a sugar rush. (This effect is similar to the feeling Lilith describes in one of her ECHO journals during an early side mission in Borderlands 2 where she explains to Roland that she felt awesome when she came into contact with Eridium for the first time and 
liquefied a guy). The two other things beside Australium that are able to give Roo this feeling are chocolate and Sniper.

8- Despite this, Roo is reluctant of using her powers because she never learned how to control them properly. Her fixation on Australium doesn't really help: She knows she has to stay away from the element because it causes her powers to activate on their own without her having any real control over them, but she can't resist the happy feeling the stuff gives her either.

9- Roo fears that her powers might throw her back into her own time period and into the hands of the Order of the Impending Storm again someday. 

10- Roo is scared of Medics. She would rather depend on Dispensers and Health Packs than call a Medic to her aid. Her fear of doctors stems from her having been experimented on in the past when she was still with the Order.

11- She didn't fall in love with Sniper right away: Roo had some serious trust issues after she had escaped from the Order and finally found her way back to Australia again. It took a while for Sniper to gain her trust and acceptance, and a few years of traveling together for them to gradually become best friends. They finally figured out their feelings and confessed their love for each other when they had known each other for six years.

12- Sniper was the one who made the first move.

13- Roo likes to steal Sniper's mug because they have this friendly rivalry thing going on between them: They both like to think they're the better, or #1 Sniper. (Sniper is).

14- I deliberately made Roo a cheerful character to complement Sniper's general grumpiness. They act as a balance to each other's personalities in my Alternate Universe, making them both stand out a bit more.

15- While I personally adore all classes, Roo doesn't: She tends to avoid dealing with Medic and she really doesn't like Soldier's attitude (which is ironic, because he's just as patriotic and proud of America as Roo is of her own homeland of Australia).

16- Because Borderlands lore is lacking as far as information about Earth is concerned, I decided fill in some gaps to be able to complete Roo's backstory. For example, I made up that Australia was a political and economical superpower in the future Roo is from. Naturally, this is where her entire "'Straya, f*ck yeah"- attitude comes from. Furthermore, Roo was homesick when she was being held captive on planet Athenas by the Order, wanting nothing more than to be able to return home again someday.

17- Roo is definitely not a vegetarian and while she will eat just about anything she can hunt in the wild, she doesn't eat kangaroo meat; Eating it kind of feels like cannibalism to her because of her name.

18- Roo originally was supposed to be a lot shorter than Sniper. In the end, I decided she would only be about 10 centimetres smaller than him to make drawing them together in comic frames a little easier.

19- Roo prefers to leave her Jarate jars outside the camper van while Sniper doesn' care either way and will leave them anywhere. This has often been the cause of arguments between the two.

20- Sniper and Roo had their first kiss on the same day Roo got her Australian flag tattoo. This is why it has a special meaning to her, though it wasn't the reason why she decided to get the tattoo in the first place.

21- Roo adopted the 26th of January (Australia Day) as her birthday, partly because it happened to be the date when Sniper found her, and partly because she never knew the date of her actual birthday.

22- Roo shares the only bed in the camper van with Sniper. It's very small, so they're used to cuddling up to each other when going to sleep.

23- Roo has repeatedly tried to convince Sniper to quit smoking. So far, without success.

24- She wears blue boxers with a pattern of the Australian flag on them, as well as a yellow bra with green lining as underwear. Sniper has given up on trying to take his boxers back from her, resulting in him having to buy himself a new pair.

25- Sniper hasn't introduced Roo to his parents yet because he fears his dad will give him a lot of trouble when he finds out his son is in a relationship with someone who shares his passion for sniping.

26- Roo and Sniper will probably never have children: They're both drifters and too fond of their job to even have time for kids. Moreover, even though Roo likes to act a lot tougher than she actually is, the idea of childbirth scares her. She's generally friendly towards kids, but she would probably never want to have any of her own.

27- Roo hates dresses and anything girly; She's quite manly for a woman, but part of it is because she has been living together with Sniper for so many years.

28- She kind of admires Saxton Hale and she would love to be friends with him.

29- Roo hates using the Huntsman because she can't aim properly without a scope. (She'd never admit that, though).

30- Roo has a counterpart on the BLU team, but she isn't called Roo and she isn't the same character. More will be revealed about her in due time, but all I can say for now is that the two aren't particularly friendly towards each other.

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Hi there! I'm AustraliumSiren, but you may also call me by any other alias you might know me by. =)

My art style is mostly anime-ish, though I sometimes try to throw other styles in the mix as well. This is particularly true for my TF2 fan art, as I'm trying to find a style that's a hybrid between anime and the TF2 art style. I tend to draw a lot, though I'm a very creative person who dabbles in multiple art disciplines: I sometimes write, plush, cosplay and craft things as well.

I noticed people tend to ask me the same types of questions, so I've compiled a little FAQ for those of you who are wondering about me:

Q: Are you Australian?
A: No, but I might as well be. I am Dutch by birth, though I've got Australian relatives, so it shouldn't be surprising that I feel a strong affinity with the place. Also, I am moving to Sydney in 2016 and I'm really excited about it, so that explains why there's a lot of Aussie symbolism on my page.

Q: What's with the crappy imitation Australian accent in your TF2 RPs/pictures?
A: I love accents (Aussie English in particular), so I tend to write Roo and Sniper how they sound to me, just like I would exaggerate Medic's German accent and Engineer's Texas drawl in my RPs and pictures.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: Yes, but only from friends (You know who you are).

Q: Why won't you draw yaoi?
A: While I'm all for gay rights, I've grown sick and tired of having gay porn of my fave characters shoved into my face all the time. I'm simply fed up with seeing slash everywhere, which is why I don't draw gay pairings unless they're canonically established and confirmed (meaning they have to make sense to me and not be made gay for the sake of being gay). I also don't mind drawing OC x Canon, but again, the pairing would have to make sense to me for me to be willing to draw it. I would like to stress that I'm NOT a homophobe; I'm just tired of yaoi.

Q: Why won't you draw inflation/vore/ponies/insert-any-other-creepy-fetish-here pics for me?
A: Because I don't like them, and I simply refuse to draw what I don't like. End of story.

Q: Why are you taking forever to draw my Request/Art Trade/Whatever?
A: Everything I do is done in Valve Time. Not because I'm lazy, but because I have a life outside of dA (which largely consists of gaming, so technically speaking I might not have much of a life at all); Though I try to get at least one question for the Ask Blog done once every three days.

Q: Will you RP with me?
A: Sure. I will RP with anyone, as long as they stick to a few rules:

:bulletred: Please respect my Alternate Universe when you start an RP on my page.
:bulletblue: Don't control my character, and don't expect her to always agree with you, either.
:bulletred: Lastly, please keep in mind that I don't like RPing anything overly explicit (though fluff is fine).

If ever there is anything you're unsure about, please ask! I won't bite. =)



Dat To-Do List D:

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Stuff I will get done soon*

:bulletred: Draw the TF2 mercs as kids

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:bulletred: RED Sniper cosplay (for Tsunacon and EFF) DONE.

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*Please note this means soon measured in Valve time.

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:bulletred: Lightning Clashes (inFAMOUS fanfic)

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