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The EFF was awesome.

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 2:55 PM
EDIT: Check out this awesome vid of us derping around at the con by Pocket-Pyro 

Omg, I don't even know where to start... 

I had my friend Sparkalisha staying over for the weekend and we got up really early to meet up with Fixii and LizGrand at the start of the con. Soon after, other REDs started gathering around the RED team banner Fixii brought, and we formed a great team. We had a Pyro (Fixii), three Scouts (one of them was Sparkalisha), three Soldiers (LizGrand was our FemSolly), a Medic, a Spy and two Snipers (one of them was me). We probably wouldn't have survived in-game because we didn't have any defence classes, but we still had a great time regardless. We never ran into any BLUs, but I suppose they probably just chickened out (either that, or we were playing MvM). :XD:

We stuck together throughout the day, taking lots of pictures and making some silly videos. I briefly switched my hat and vest with our Spy so we could imitate Spyper and Sny together, we all did the Spycrab and we even re-enacted Meet the Pyro and Meet the Sniper with some of us making up for the classes we didn't have on our team. For instance, I played both Sniper's and Heavy's parts in Meet the Pyro and my friend Sparkalisha put on an eyepatch and played Demo in my Meet the Sniper re-enactment. We really enjoyed ourselves fooling around with the camera, and I can't wait to see how all of the videos have turned out. :la:

We came across a Big Daddy and a Little Sister from Bioshock, a Borderlands Psycho, some Deadpool cosplayers, a huge Bender from Futurama and several other cool characters. I also ran into this awesome person who had a very badass and realistic-looking sniper rifle with her, and she was so nice for letting me borrow it! The thing had some real weight to it and a scope that actually magnified things and skfjsdjkfhajk it was so awesome. I'm so happy she let me take some pictures with it. :D

I was really tired when I got home last night, and I still am, but I'll try to work on some new pictures (contest prizes, Roo's Ask Blog) soon.

Hopefully, I'll be able to upload some new artwork again later this week.

So, yeah, yesterday was great. Can't wait for the next convention! :heart:

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AustraliumSiren's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi there! I'm AustraliumSiren, but you may also call me by any other alias you might know me by. =)

My art style is mostly anime-ish, though I sometimes try to throw other styles in the mix as well. This is particularly true for my TF2 fan art, as I'm trying to find a style that's a hybrid between anime and the TF2 art style. I tend to draw a lot, though I'm a very creative person who dabbles in multiple art disciplines: I sometimes write, plush, cosplay and craft things as well.

I noticed people tend to ask me the same types of questions, so I've compiled a little FAQ for those of you who are wondering about me:

Q: Are you Australian?
A: No, but I might as well be. I am Dutch by birth, though I've got Australian relatives, so it shouldn't be surprising that I feel a strong affinity with the place. Also, I am moving to Sydney in 2016 and I'm really excited about it, so that explains why there's a lot of Aussie symbolism on my page.

Q: What's with the crappy imitation Australian accent in your TF2 RPs/pictures?
A: I love accents (Aussie English in particular), so I tend to write Roo and Sniper how they sound to me, just like I would exaggerate Medic's German accent and Engineer's Texas drawl in my RPs and pictures.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: Yes, but only from friends (You know who you are).

Q: Why won't you draw yaoi?
A: While I'm all for gay rights, I've grown sick and tired of having gay porn of my fave characters shoved into my face all the time. I'm simply fed up with seeing slash everywhere, which is why I don't draw gay pairings unless they're canonically established and confirmed (meaning they have to make sense to me and not be made gay for the sake of being gay). I also don't mind drawing OC x Canon, but again, the pairing would have to make sense to me for me to be willing to draw it. I would like to stress that I'm NOT a homophobe; I'm just tired of yaoi.

Q: Why won't you draw inflation/vore/ponies/insert-any-other-creepy-fetish-here pics for me?
A: Because I don't like them, and I simply refuse to draw what I don't like. End of story.

Q: Why are you taking forever to draw my Request/Art Trade/Whatever?
A: Everything I do is done in Valve Time. Not because I'm lazy, but because I have a life outside of dA (which largely consists of gaming, so technically speaking I might not have much of a life at all); Though I try to get at least one question for the Ask Blog done once every three days.

Q: Will you RP with me?
A: Sure. I will RP with anyone, as long as they stick to a few rules:

:bulletred: Please respect my Alternate Universe when you start an RP on my page.
:bulletblue: Don't control my character, and don't expect her to always agree with you, either.
:bulletred: Lastly, please keep in mind that I don't like RPing anything overly explicit (though fluff is fine).

If ever there is anything you're unsure about, please ask! I won't bite. =)



Dat To-Do List D:

minisniperBLU by tattiOsala

Stuff I will get done soon*

:bulletred: Draw the TF2 mercs as kids

:bulletblue: Mass Effect OC profiles (2 more to go)

:bulletred: RED Sniper cosplay (for Tsunacon and EFF) DONE.

:bulletblue: Contest Prizes

*Please note this means soon measured in Valve time.

Projects Likely to be finished and not abandoned:

:bulletred: Lightning Clashes (inFAMOUS fanfic)

Roo's Ask Blog

:bulletblue: imacrazygirl17 - In Progress.
:bulletred: Sammy-the-sammich
:bulletblue: S0FT-C00KIE
:bulletblue: MrTibblesIII
:bulletred: ILoveScoutforever
:bulletblue: Ace-Of-Bros
:bulletblue: edfanjoy
:bulletred: darkdragonqueen3000
:bulletblue: shardstar3
:bulletred: xKagaiPumpkinx
:bulletblue: MrTibblesIII
:bulletred: CaptainSpadato
:bulletblue: Shadow-da-Hedgie
:bulletred: Joosh-Face
:bulletblue: xXNiueXx
:bulletred: MrAstronaut
:bulletblue: omni-droid
:bulletred: trainer-mana
:bulletblue: CannibalConnor13
:bulletred: CannibalConnor13
:bulletblue: Echowolf97
:bulletred: Dark-Kisame
:bulletblue: S0FT-C00KIE
:bulletred: Fixii
:bulletblue: Taijutsugirl0
:bulletred: Pocket-Pyro
:bulletblue: ButchPyro
:bulletred: MrTibblesIII
:bulletblue: Ask-BluMedic-Kurt
:bulletred: Clownmask-Clock-411
:bulletblue: Trust-Is-Holy
:bulletblue: Bogdyalive

This list serves as a way for me to keep track of which question is up next to be answered.

All questions are answered on a first come first serve basis, and are to be asked on the page of this deviation:

Collabs, Gifts and Art Trades:

:bulletblue: Draw Dispenser OTP for Fixii (gift)

:bulletred: Draw N00bSoldier and SoldierN00b for Fixii (Collab)

:bulletblue:Something to remember when asking me for Collabs/Art Trades: I will NOT -and I repeat- will NOT accept Art Trades/Collabs asking me to draw porn and/or fetish pics.

Requests - Friends Only by SweetDukeTrades - Ask Me by SweetDukeCollaborations - Friends Only by SweetDuke
No Commissions by SweetDukeGifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeI Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte


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Hey bby.
So with this double wedding, do you think Soldier will make a good flower boy?
AustraliumSiren 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist

Btw, your new icon is adorable. :heart:
thanks man!!!
i'll link you to the full photo when i find it???!?! xD
AustraliumSiren 20 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure ^^

Btw, I'm working on the double wedding pic, but it might take a while because I fail at drawing dresses. :giggle:
(1 Reply)
catazarch 4 days ago  Professional General Artist
You are welcome! :3
+watch ^o^
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